BackPack App

Background: Mobile app to connect donors more closely with the people, especially children, who are thriving due to United Way supporters. Currently in development.

Goal of project: BackPack App is designed to create a personal giving experience to help low-income schools.

Features: A supporter can volunteer, donate, read the latest school news and comment, follow the impact of their support on a customized dashboard to display the impact of their participation and follow projects. The app includes push notifications to let supporters know of new projects, updates and status of current projects.

A few sketches from preliminary work:

Below is a storyboard scenario sketch illustrating Sarah having coffee, reading the collar on the coffee cup with a link to the app. She would like to give back but is so busy with work these days. She downloads the app while she drinks her coffee, selects a school to support and feels good about her day.


Dashboard on profile page provides real-time reports on the impact of donations.


Rough wireframes: Mockups created with Balsamiq.

User research activity: Conducted user research with face-to-face participants, facilitated card-sorting activities, and created the final visual design with input from teachers, classmates, coworkers and friends.

Live prototype: Created with Flinto:


Presentation: Final class presentation of 10 minutes.