BackPack App

Sometimes kids come to school with more than books in their backpack. Little food at home, meager clothing and healthcare weigh these youngsters down with cares that they should not have to experience. It affects their school work and their future. This app was created to connect donors more closely with the kids they are helping. The app provides opportunities for a donor to contribute to neighborhood community schools’ wishlists, informs them of volunteer opportunities and invites them to share to their social networks. The news feed keeps them in touch through messages and photos. A simple dashboard tracks projects the donor has supported and shows in real time the collective impact from the network of philanthropists making lives better for neighborhood children.

My role in this project was to research the need, user testing of the information architecture and prototypes, create wireframes and visual design. A 10 minute pitch deck was created to quickly communicate the value of my idea to a General Assembly (school) audience. The project was created over a 12 week period while taking a User Experience Design class taught by industry leaders. United Way considered adding this app to their portfolio of offerings to increase donor satisfaction in their giving experience.

BackPack User Journey

Below, early design prototype developed for testing and user research.

Background: Mobile app to connect donors more closely with children, who are thriving due to United Way supporters.

Goal of project: BackPack App is designed to create a personal giving experience to help low-income schools.

Features: A supporter can volunteer, donate, read the latest school news and comment, follow the impact of their support on a customized dashboard to display the impact of their participation and follow projects. The app includes push notifications to let supporters know of new projects, updates and status of current projects.

10 minute presentation pitch