Waves Donation App

United Way’s Fundraising Campaigns are becoming outdated and often resulted in non-United Way distributions

Our approach:
Waves is a donation app designed to allow an employee campaign participant to build their own set of causes and have fun involving their friends and coworkers in raising money toward their selections. The programs that United Way sponsors would be listed at the top. The app encourages team participation and competition within the employer’s organization.

How it works:
The donor creates a name for their portfolio of causes, funds seed money and sets goals. Achievements result in badges.

User testing:
This app was presented to three of United Way’s clients, one was a long-established financial corporation, one was a valued technical partner and the other was a fast-growing tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the valuable feedback we received, we revised some of the functionality and the result is seen here.

My role:
I gathered/documented business requirements and created the visual wire-frames for user research. We created personas and documented the workflows of the interactions.

There was great excitement and interest in the project which resulted in United Way’s search for funding.

Initial User Journey